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An e-commerce experience like no other

BlueCart provides an easy-to-use wholesale ordering platform just for you. Customize your products and prices for each customer to create a truly unique experience.

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Generate pick-tickets, fulfillment reports, and export live custom data right from your phone.

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"We used to have clients who would only order boxed water, because that’s what they started using us for. With BlueCart, they see our whole catalog and order a lot more product because it’s that easy."

Sales Rep, Charm City Beverage

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With BlueCart, experience the convenience of order and delivery minimums, delivery cut-off times, delivery days, delivery charges, and assign clients to each route.

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“BlueCart was super easy. Being that it was so user friendly, it would be the perfect application for ordering from DPI at food shows or at the retail store level. The interface was clean and simple. With BlueCart staff on-site, it helped knowing that we weren’t flying blindly!”

DPI Sales Team
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