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Out with the old and in with the new. The new way can make you more money and save you more time with less hassle. Modernize your process with your clients in just 24 hrs.

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Features that are off the hook

Catch-weight price adjustments

We know how your business operates, so we make it easy for you by letting you customize your catalogs based on your catch weight for the day. No worries, go fishing.

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We've created your mobile business

What do you do when a customer texts you for a last minute case of shrimp? Simply punch the order into your custom mobile app.

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“The system works, the client service has been great, pricing is perfect…we really have no reason to use anything else.”

John L. Mensonides, General Manager, Aloha Seafood

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Promote specials

Increase sales by promoting weekly specials and have those specials advertised to our network with BlueCart’s Top Deals.

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Our best stories have customers in them

“BlueCart made it very easy for us to create an online ordering path for our customers and the customers love it”

John L. Mensonides, General Manager, Aloha Seafood

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